Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adventure Time Topsy Turvey Cake

Miss 16 wanted a Topsy Turvey cake for her birthday. After Googling many how tos I came up with this. Originally I had the cake just decorated in the stripes and spots but it was lacking something. The second layer set too close to the edge made the cake look heavy so made some characters from her favourite TV cartoon Adventure Time.
Cake is a very rich chocolate cake. I didn't have tins small enough for the top two layers so for middle layer used a large tinned fruit tin and a large tuna tin for the top. I lined these tins with several layers of baking paper and they worked well.

The bottom and middle layer were halved and a chocolate butter cream was spread between. Cake was also covered in the butter cream prior to putting the fondant on.

As cake was made a week earlier it was frozen which also helped in the cutting of the shapes as less crumbs. The taste of the cake wasn't affected by freezing.

If making again I would make the middle cake smaller and not to the edge and roll fondant thinner.

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